Like my Best Revenge program, this program is personal.

I lost my mother way too early.  Following her hip injury, my mother remained inactive when we knew exercise to get her moving would have made an enormous difference to her well being.  

It was after losing my mom that I decided the one thing I could do was train others how to keep active, regardless of their age or injury, so they’d have a better quality of life. 

The challenge can be that some of us get set in our ways.  I know about stubborn parents.  My mother was as strong-willed as they come.  

 That’s why I designed this program carefully to be fun, effective and convincing for even those parents who always know best.

This program is especially fun for adult kids and their parents to do together.  (I also customize one for teens and their parents which is just as much fun—stay tuned for another blog on that.) 

In any case, there’s a great bond that happens between family members when they exercise together.   The training sparks some fun competition, with each person egging the other on, challenging them to give just a little bit more.   We cheer a lot, we laugh a lot, but at the same time, we move a lot.

I make sure every exercise is carefully tailored for the age and abilities of each participant.  This way, our time spent together provides a great workout that’s right for each participant – each one will see their strength, flexibility, balance and cardio improve.

I teach seniors’ boot camps, so I’m especially experienced in making sure the exercise program works with the individual’s particular range of motion, and mobility. 

This program includes

·         Flexibility for a youthful spine and fluid movement

·         Weighted and non-weighted methods for tone, balance, posture, strength

·         Cardio to improve circulation

·         Deep breathing for relaxation

Here's a twist to what we do:  I ask each person to choose their favourite music.  This way everyone can learn each other’s beat, and train to it

Training together puts a whole new spin on family time. 



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