No one gets through this journey called life without sometimes eating way too many empty calories in front of the TV – and suffering a broken heart.  We’ve all been there. 

I know what I’m talking about.  I’ve been rejected … twice—but who's counting.   Today I’m in a happy relationship, and I know I owe my good fortune to the training that helped me build up my body and spirit.   My way to get revenge was to get off the couch and get in shape, to look better and feel more positive than ever before.

Now I train others who are where I’ve been to channel their negative, hurt feelings into their workout.  And people have seen terrific results.

So let’s just say, this program is close to my heart.

Like all my training, it’s customized.  But the program always meets several key objectives, which are mainly to get you stronger and feeling more powerful.  And to have a lot of fun as we go.  

I’ve used The Best Revenge methods with men and women who are getting over a break-up, or coping with other types of adversities, such as job loss. 

During the program, I talk a lot about taking negative energy and turning it into a positive source of fuel.  Often, clients ask me if I believe that what we put out, we get back.  The popular term for that phenomenon is the Law of Attraction.

 I can only speak to what I’ve seen.  And I have certainly seen that for myself, and for so many others I’ve trained, life turns around when you’re radiating healthy, upbeat energy. Life gets good again.

So how does the Best Revenge Program work?  We do…

·         specific strength and cardio exercises that let you vent and release the negativity that you are hanging on to.  You get to kick, punch … and yell whatever you want.

·         body work that builds your resilience, powered by visualizations that uplift you.

·         stretching and breathing that leaves you feeling calm  for a positive journey forward.

After all, there’s no doubt that living well is the best revenge!!!



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