Hibernation is over --I'm waking up the bears

It's been a long hard winter and visits to the gym dropped off like we've never seen before.  That's why I've put together a Get Back on Track program because I know from years of personal training that the longer you stop working out, the harder it is to return to it.  

You may wonder why it's so difficult to pick up the pieces.  The fact is a body in motion stays in motion, and the opposite is equally true.  A body at rest stays at rest.  Unless, affected by an outside force.  Which in Toronto, appears to be me.

Still, getting people back on track does require a very different approach.  To explain it in a nutshell.  Imagine you're a car that's been sitting in the cold all winter.  Your battery is dead.  I need to jumpstart the battery for you.   But if the alternator isn't working, your battery isn't going to charge.  In other words, it takes a whole car approach to get you on the highway.   Mind, body, and spirit. 

Interestingly, because your muscles are comprised of different types of fibers, you don’t just lose muscle mass when you stop exercising; you also experience a conversion of your slow-twitch endurance muscle fibers and fast-twitch strength-producing muscles fibers to easily fatigued “couch potato” muscle fiber types. So your body doesn’t just lose muscle, but the type of muscle it has actually changes!

- See more at: http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/health-fitness/exercise/how-fast-do-you-get-out-of-shape#sthash.maCEnMuj.dpuf

 So if you are itching to get back into a healthy routine, contact me, we will crank up the tunes and start motoring and U-turn Fit.



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